Because we read in many different physical positions (sitting, standing, lying, ...) and intensities, the FachZeitCafé offers specialist magazines and newspapers of all kinds in more quiet retreat-areas with a great view, in self-realization spaces with modular furniture, as well as in short time standing and sitting areas, right at the activity of street life.

Publishers situated around the property, as well as the offer of high-end specialist literature augment the attractiveness of the café.


The often solitary act of reading in a café is enhanced by the opportunity for nonverbal communication.
Livening up this interaction with the visual and gestural cues, the architectural form is open, and avoids visual boundaries, through split levels and transparent surfaces.
The formal shape of the lighting is inspired by the journals themselves, and creates a harmonious atmosphere with soft, rounded forms.
Furthermore, there is modular furniture in almost all areas. Three different sizes in the coffee table, dining table and high table are at the same time seats for one to three persons.